Dr. Bray’s Patient Reviews

By John W., Nashville, TN -

“I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Bray and everyone involved with DISC Sports & Spine Center. If you need a spine specialist, Dr. Bray is The Man! And their facility is fabulous from top to bottom.”

By Mark M., Sisters, OR -

“Dr. Bray is who you’re looking for. While there might be other surgeons and facilities that are as good, I can promise you that you won’t find better.”

By Ian T., Woodland Hills, CA -

“I’m a physician so when I went to find a surgeon that could take care of my wife’s pain-debilitating THORACIC herniated disc, I knew I had to find NOT a dime-a-dozen doc. All roads were paved to Dr. Robert Bray, Jr.! You know, the surgeon that takes care of the LA Kings, America’s Cup Sailing Oracle Team USA & Red Bull North America extreme team!”

By Kevin B., Los Angeles, CA -

“Dr. Bray has been top notch, start to finish. He has assembled a great team who each individually help to augment his own amazing attention to detail. I am a Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills, and spend my life devoted to giving my patients not only great results, but an unparalleled experience….so I know what it takes to run a tight ship… And run it well. He runs his practice incredibly well…. Bray and his team DO NOT DISAPPOINT. I trust him implicitly, so should you.”

By Dan R., Fountain Valley, CA -

“He literally, potentially saved my life…”

By T. C., Newport Coast, Newport Coast, CA -

“I am a surgeon, and there is no doubt that Dr. Bray is a surgeon’s surgeon.  I had chronic pain of my neck, shoulder, and arm for several years, and never found a physician that I had complete confidence in or felt fully comfortable with…until I met Dr. Bray.”

By Sam S., Los Angeles, CA -

“I can’t recommend Dr Bray and his Newport Beach facility highly enough– Review posted there as well

I am eight days removed from my ‘minimally invasive’ back surgery when others were suggested disc fusion. Doctors, nurses, admins, etc all remarkable.”

By Eddie A., Sun Valley, CA -

“Dr. Bray is the best .  After a couple trips to other doctors he was the one who diagnosed my problem, and subsequently removed a benign tumor from my nerve/spinal cord.   I am 14 days post op and doing great .  He and his whole team including his PA Layla are terrific.  Could not be happier with my results.”

By Tim B., Costa Mesa, CA -

“I was fortunate enough to have Dr. Bray assist with my disc replacement surgery this week and I cannot express more how grateful I am for him. He is an absolute master at his craft and I just wish I had met him earlier! There is a reason some of the best athletes in the world see him. He truly is the best of the best. Thank you Dr. Bray!”

By Gina S., Orange, CA -

“Dr. Bray diagnosed my 18 year old son after SIX different doctors failed to diagnose him with Spinal AVM. Thank GOD for Doctor Bray who performed my son’s surgery and corrected the AVM and saved him from becoming paralyzed from the chest down!  We are forever grateful for Dr. Bray and his amazing team!”

By Talitha W., Los Angeles, CA -

“Dr. Bray fixed my C-6 C-7 herniated disc. He replaced the disc and removed bone spurs. I was very scared of the idea of surgery near my spinal cord. I need not have worried.  Dr. Bray and his team were kind, supportive and patient throughout.  My neck is 100% fixed and I have the tiniest scar.  I am beyond grateful for Dr. Bray’s incredible skill and kindness.  If you need surgery, you can be 100% confident that Dr. Bray and his team are the right choice.”

By Gary H., Santa Monica, CA -

“Can’t praise Dr Bray and his staff enough for the care I got with my Disc replacement surgery on my neck. From the very first appointment, the time Dr Bray took with me and his attention to every detail was amazing. I am so grateful that I went to him for a second opinion on my surgery, as it was life changing for me.”

By Patrizia A., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA -

“I had tethered cord surgery 19 month ago and doctor Bray did amazing job God bless him. Not more pain in my back. I have my life back.”

By D. D., Los Angeles, CA -

“There is a reason his patients worship him. He is the real deal – not just some big name. I had two neck surgeries with Dr. Bray within 12 months and he took away decades of neck pain and turned me back into a fully functional human being after being so debilitated with pain prior to surgery that I truly thought my quality of life was gone forever.

I know Dr. Bray is a sailor and he is exactly who you would want to be steering your ship through a storm. As I said, he’s not just a big name – he’s the real deal.”

Insurance and Billing

Dr. Bray is contracted in-network with United Healthcare and Blue Shield, but works with most PPO insurances. Call today to learn more about your coverage.