Yes, Athletes Can Play Through Injury

Athletes try to play through injuries all the time, some more serious than others, but the question has always lingered: is it safe? In the article above, Dr. Bray weighs in.

For minor injuries, the most dangerous aspect of playing through the pain is the potential damage to other joints and ligaments surrounding the injured part of the body, as they work under more strain in an attempt to compensate for the injured area. So while the simple answer may be “yes”, athletes can play through some injuries, they must be sure to undergo proper therapy and rehabilitation.

Dr. Bray explains how athletes under his care are encouraged to overcome the idea that doctors are the enemy. Many injuries can still be played through, but it is critical to include the doctor in what is going on so that small injuries to do not become big ones. For Dr. Bray, it’s all about creating an atmosphere of empathy and understanding.

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