U.S. Pole Vaulter Brad Walker Conquers Injury, Aims for Gold

In 2008, Brad Walker was already the U.S. record holder in pole vaulting and within inches of the world record. While competing in the Olympic Beijing Games, Brad’s pole snapped and he fell onto the hard track from 20 feet in the air. He had torn a disc in his spine.

Despite the severity of his injury, Brad was skeptical of surgery, fearing it might cause more harm. Then he met Dr. Bray who introduced Brad to minimally invasive spine surgery. When Dr. Bray explained that he could perform surgery through powerful microscopes with extreme precision and without causing damage to surrounding tissue and ligaments, Brad was on board.

6 months later, Brad was pole-vaulting again and four years after his initial injury, competed as the only American in the Pole Vaulting Finals in the London Games.