Risks of Same-Day Spine Surgery

Risks of Same-Day Spine Surgery Must be Addressed as its Popularity Increases

With the rising prevalence of same day surgery and ambulatory surgical centers, Spine Surgery Today asked an array of doctors to weigh in on the potential risks for patients. In this 2015 article, Dr. Bray comments on the rapidly growing institution of same day, outpatient surgery predicting, “In less than 10 years, we will have more than 50% done in an outpatient setting.”

While Dr. Bray acknowledges that surgeons first starting out in an ASC should begin with easier, more common surgical cases, he points to his own success as proof that complex cases can be safely and routinely performed in an ASC over time. “At this point, I do not have much of a limit. I do front and back reconstructions, pedicle screws, intervertebral tumors, vascular malformations. I do things you would never think of as being an outpatient case, and we do it very routinely. We have grown over time, but I will stand on the fact that I have never had one patient admitted to a hospital.”

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