Jennifer Grey’s Struggle with Chronic Neck Pain

Actress Jennifer Grey has been dancing for most of her life, even long before her breakout role in Dirty Dancing and appearance on Dancing With the Stars. Unfortunately, she had also been dealing with neck pain for most of her life.
Jennifer first suffered from a neck injury sustained in a car accident, the pain from that injury was debilitating but she dealt with it for more than 30 years. After she was approached to appear on Dancing With the Stars she turned to Dr. Bray to find out if she was able to compete. He recommended she undergo fusion surgery on her neck, as it was in the worst condition he’s ever seen. The surgery was a success, allowing her to compete and win Dancing With The Stars.

Unfortunately, during her final performance, Jennifer suffered a ruptured disc in her spine which required another surgery from Dr. Bray. Check out the video in the link to see how Jennifer was doing after her second surgery.

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